Why do companies offer free samples?
Companies, large and small, provide DeliteBox with the product samples we make available to you. Why? Because they believe they have great products and that if people have a chance to try them, they will start to buy them.

Many of these companies are also very interested in reaching and gaining the feedback from specific groups of consumers. So they "target" samples accordingly in the hopes of getting the information they think is most valuable for their brand needs. For instance, a company may select a group of consumers based on prior sampling feedback, or based on the information provided by a set of questions.

Who pays for this?
The companies that own the brands pay for their products to be sampled by people. In other words, they spend a portion of their "marketing budgets" to deliver their product samples to you. These fees pay for the postage, the labor to fill the boxes, the boxes themselves, rent on the facility where his all comes together, shipping, the costs of having this website, and all the other business services required to make all this happen.

DeliteBox® is a registered trademark of TBW Marketing Pvt. Ltd. TBW Marketing Pvt. Ltd. does not specifically endorse any of the product samples contained within DeliteBox®. All materials included in DeliteBoxreg; are free to the public. TBW Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for this website and for helping to attract brands to participate.

Are there any costs related to my participation in DeliteBox® ?
DeliteBox® is ABSOLUTELY FREE to the people who subscribe for the box on the website. All you need is the willingness to Try Something New and then share your product experience by giving feedback online. By giving product feedback you can keep getting DeliteBox free

Why can I not get EVERYTHING that might be offered ?
Companies that participate may choose to reach certain types of people, so quite often we will "target" our DeliteBox® boxes accordingly. This "targeting" sometimes involves making the boxes available only to certain geographies or other qualifying criteria. Unfortunately, when people attempt to get a box by changing their answers or trying to overcome this targeting in some manner, the eventual outcome is that brands will simply choose alternative ways to offer people a chance to try their products.

How can I get a box ?
All you need to do is sign up and become a member of this DeliteBox® site. When boxes are available, we will contact you (if you allow us to) as well as placing the box offer on the website. When the time comes to order a box, it will always only be available on a first come, first served basis until the volume of DeliteBox® boxes are gone. There are no guarantees you will receive any particular DeliteBox® box.

Why does the delitebox.com site exist ?
This DeliteBox® site is a membership site that allows people to sign up for a DeliteBox® program and be offered the chance to request a DeliteBox® box. It also offers a destination for people interested in trying new things to provide feedback about products they have tried, participate in surveys, answer polls, update their account if they move, etc. Over time, more functions will be added, and we hope you will find many reasons to return to the site.

Will you sell or release my personal information ?
Your name and address information is only used to process sample orders unless your prior consent is given. Further, we may ask you questions about your product usage or things that interest you to help encourage more brands to place samples here for your enjoyment. In nearly every case, brands are also interested in your feedback, and all such feedback provided to the manufacturers is completely anonymous. Unless you sign up or opt-in to a brand offer, we will not send your information along to them. This DeliteBox® site and TBW Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as a company are dedicated to protecting your privacy, and we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I contact DeliteBox® ?
We are here to help you! Please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button located at the bottom of the page.

If you have forgotten your password, we have a password and member id link on our home page. Simply enter the e-mail address that you used when you opened your account, and your password and member id will be emailed to you within minutes

If you don't recall, or no longer use, the e-mail address you entered when you opened your account, please go to the Contact Us button located at the bottom of the home page. Please provide your full name, mailing address and date of birth, so we can get your new password to you as soon as possible

THANKS — The folks at TBW Marketing Pvt. Ltd.